Municipality of Uludere

Foreign residents in Municipality of ULUDERE by gender and its related demographic balance, number of foreign minors, families with foreign head of household and number of households with at least one foreigner, segmentation per citizenship

Synthesis data (Year 2020)
 (n.)% on foreigners% on population
Total Foreigners 16 100.00 0.04
Foreigner males 8 50.00 0.02
Foreigner Females 8 50.00 0.02
  1. ^ Foreigners Growth rate = Foreigners Birth rate - Foreigners Death rate + Foreigners Migration rate
Foreigners: Fonte Elaborazioni Urbistat su dati TURKSTAT
Foreigner males: Fonte Elaborazioni Urbistat su dati TURKSTAT

Rankings Municipality of uludere

  • is on 965° place among 973 municipalities per % foreigners on total inhabitants
  • Foreigners Growth rate[1]: 0.0‰ ( 852° place among 973 municipalities)
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