Municipality of Heemskerk

Territorial extension of Municipality of HEEMSKERK and related population density, population per gender and number of households, average age and incidence of foreigners

Region Noord-Holland
Province Noord-Holland
Sign Province Noord-Holland
Hamlet of the municipality 0
Surface (Km2) 27.92
Population density (Inhabitants/Kmq) 1,403.5
Demographic data (year 2020)
Inhabitants (N.) 39,191
Families (N.) 17,361
Males (%) 48.9
Females (%) 51.1
Foreigners (%) 4.5
Average age (years) 44.1
Average annual variation
Males, females and foreigners incidence (year 2020)
Demographic balance
(year 2020)
Natural Balance [1], Migrat. balance [2]
  1. ^ Natural balance = Births - Deaths
  2. ^ Migration balance = Registered - Deleted
Population: Fonte StatLine
Males: Fonte StatLine
Families: Fonte Statistical StatLine
Foreigners: Fonte StatLine
Natural Balance: Fonte StatLine
Migration balance: Fonte StatLine

Rankings Municipality of heemskerk

  • is on 14° place among 34 municipalities in region by demographic size
  • is on 136° place among 352 municipalities in NETHERLANDS by demographic size
  • is on 121° place among 352 municipalities in NETHERLANDS per average age
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