Territorial extension of ITALY and related population density, population per gender and number of households, average age and incidence of foreigners

Capital Rome
Regions 20
Provinces 107
Municipalities 7904
Surface (Km2) 302,067.75
Population density (Inhabitants/Kmq) 196.1
Demographic data (year 2020)
Inhabitants (N.) 59,236,213
Families (N.) 26,012,449
Males (%) 48.7
Females (%) 51.3
Foreigners (%) 8.7
Average age (years) 45.4
Average annual variation
Males, females and foreigners incidence (year 2020)
Demographic balance
(year 2020)
Natural Balance [1], Migrat. balance [2]
  1. ^ Natural balance = Births - Deaths
  2. ^ Migration balance = Registered - Deleted
Population: Fonte ISTAT
Males: Fonte ISTAT
Families: Fonte Elaborazioni UrbiStat su dati ISTAT
Foreigners: Fonte ISTAT
Natural Balance: Fonte ISTAT
Migration balance: Fonte ISTAT
Surface (Km2): Fonte Elaborazioni UrbiStat 2020

Rankings Italy

  • the 5 most populated Municipalities: Roma, Milano, Napoli, Torino e Palermo
  • 5 with the highest average age are: Liguria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Sardegna, Molise e Umbria
  • 5 with the highest average age are: Savona, Biella, Ferrara, Genova e Oristano
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